Life Coaching

Do you want to stop fear from holding you back?




Fear is a problem for all of us. It robs us of the boldness and creativity that can make our lives meaningful. Without exploring the best practices for handing this powerful emotion, we will inevitably fall into the meek version of ourselves that will lead us to feel deep regret on our death beds. If the realization of the consequences of a fear-driven life makes you want to live more bravely, then Brian Germain is your man.

Brian Germain has extensive experience in helping all kinds of people handle all kinds of fear, and he can help you too. You can be more, and a Life Coaching session with Brian can be the turning point in your life story. 

Sessions are one hour long, and can be done in a valiety of formats including:

  • In Person (Washington DC area only)
  • Phone
  • Skype

When you purchase your coaching session, you will be prompted to select your first and second choice for date and time. You are welcome to record the call to review later. This will increase the impact of the session over time, allowing you to catch what you missed. 


Session Cost is $75


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