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Canopy Course Available Formats

Canopy courses featuring Brian Germain are available in Video Training, live in person or plan an event at your local dropzone. Its Easy!

Video Training

Canopy control and flight skills training in the video format functions as a ground school for canopy flight. Downloadable and viewable through streaming, the video training provides all the information necessary to take your canopy flight skills to the next level. Topics covered include: 

Parachute aerodynamics, canopy control, dynamic maneuvers, flying in turbulence, flight safety, navigation, patterns and accuracy, collision avoidance, landings, advanced approaches, adrenalin management and other relevant topics.

This training is for all levels and is available through our online store.

I really enjoyed your online course. I've been applying your teachings and it's amazing how much improvement I'm already seeing.  In fact, this past weekend I attended Kansas State University Parachute Club's 6th annual 3K day and took first place in the novice division of the accuracy competition!- Shawn Wittenberg, President SMW Development, Inc.

Still not sure about the video course? Read this article to find out more.

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I'm a big fan of Brian's courses - I encourage everyone I meet to take his courses, no matter how many jumps you've got. He's a great teacher. - Andrew Metcalfe, Chicagoland Skydiving

Live in Person Canopy Courses


Creating a BG Safety Course at your dropzone is easier than you might think!

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Live in person canopy courses with Brian Germain are a great way to gain both ground and in the air training and practice. These canopy flight skills and safety courses allow for the added benefit of filmed and debriefed landings, answers to your specific questions and a customized approach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Course Duration: 2 full days

    • Number of Jumps (weather permitting): 4 per day

    • Landing Video and Debriefs: Every jump

    • B-License Canopy Proficiency Card Signoff: Yes

    • Is Brian a USPA Safety and Training Advisor: Yes

    • Course Base Price: $225 plus jumps (an addition DZ fee may be added)


Topics vary depending on the delivery format but may include:

    • parachute aerodynamics

    • flight controls

    • dynamic maneuvers

    • low altitude maneuvering techniques

    • flying in turbulence

    • navigation secrets

    • patterns and accuracy

    • landing techniques

    • advanced approaches

    • parachute design concepts and downsizing

    • adrenalin management

    • and many other relevant topics.


Often jumpers are reluctant to join a canopy course because they do not want to be limited to only hop-n-pops all weekend. Provided that we have large enough aircraft, we can make it a "Super Course", and go to full altitude, opening at 5-6000' to work on our canopy exercises. This allows participants to work on freefall skill as well, and Brian will rotate amongst the participants to offer filmed freefall coaching with as many people as possible. This format makes the new format compatible will boogies, increasing the number of possible participants, and increasing the safety of the boogie. It is great fun!


Brian Germain the auther of the book Transcending Fear


*This is much more than just a canopy course. Brian's 30 years of skydiving, teaching and designing parachutes offers you a massive volume of information that will not only make you safer in the sky, it will uplift you outlook on life.


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A list of scheduled courses is available on our events page but if you can't find one convenient for you, a course can be created at your own home dropzone. Simply print out the free sign up sheet and poster then hang it on the wall at your drop zone. Once you have a list of people signed up, contact us to schedule a course. Download Sign up Sheet and Poster to create a course near you!

"Very accurate information, well organized, and has made a great difference in my flying."
-Joe Stubbs, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Aerobatic Flight Instructor.


Training is available in multiple formats or delivery methods. Please contact us to schedule a live engagement or visit our online store for videos, books, Safety First Radio Episodes and other skydiving and canopy flight training materials.


Canopy Flight Instructor Course

Every student injury is a sad day on the dropzone, and a potential lawsuit. The better we teach, the safer our students will be. Over 30 years of instructional experience and 20 years of dedicated canopy piloting coaching make Brian Germain the ideal person to teach your instructors how to hone their teaching abilities. Hard-earned secrets from the most experienced CP coach in the world will increase your dropzone's effectiveness in ways that will blow your mind.

Topics in the Instructors' Course include: the language of canopy flight, flight dynamics, navigation and landing. We also spend time analyzing video, and refining our skills of problem diagnosis and solutions to common mistakes. All this is with the goal of empowering teachers with knowledge of the aerodynamic truths that govern parachute flight, and becoming conversant in the terminology that lights up the information.

The teaching methods focus on "Student Centered" learning. There is discussion about the specific learning styles of different students, as well as ways to become a more empowered and effective instructor. Teaching methods are examined in detail, and broken into categories for deeper analysis. Understanding the many ways to pass on information serves to increase an instructor's repertoire of skills.

I believe that the trend toward more serious injury requires several big changes in order to see a long term improvement to the situation. We will change the situation, but such things require patience, but also open-mindedness on the part of the skydiving population. If a regulation is adopted that does not have the support of the troops, it will not be easily enforced. Moreover we will not see lasting changes in the sport. The way to make a real change is to target the changing of attitudes of the skydivers themselves from one of purely sportsmanship, to one of mentorship.

Teachers are the way to change the sport. It has always been this way. Rules are like locks on doors; they only keep the honest people honest. If we want to change the general trend, we have to start with the instructors. Attitudes are what create the world we live in, and the beliefs and trends of the general skydiving culture all begin with the teachers. The leaders must know the truth about parachutes in order to teach effectively. This is why we offer the Instructors Course.

Over a two or three day period, I work with skydiving instructors to help them become better teachers of canopy flight. Based on my Theory and Practice Course that has been making a difference for the general population, this course specifically targets the needs and concepts most relevant to the skydiving Instructor.

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More Testimonials:

"Brian, I just wanted to write a quick letter to tell you how much I enjoyed your book "Transcending fear". I am a skydiving instructor of 11 years and I ordered the book because a had a young lady on her 4th STP jump, fully geared up, props spinning on the plane, stop and say, "no, I can't do it again.... I'm to afraid" So the airplane left without us. I must of spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to, I guess comfort and talk to her trying to find out her fears and tell her the right words because I know she was just waiting for me to say the right thing and I couldn't find it. I felt like I had failed, for her sake, because she loved jumping, once she got out of the plane it was just the door and seeing the distance to the ground that scared her. After I started reading the book, which I don't read alot of books, I finished it very quickly and myself, going through some tough times found that not only will this book of knowledge help me with my students, it has tremendously inspired and helped me with personal challenges in my life. So a big thanks to you and I hope one day I get the privilege to meet you personally."
-Tammy from Texas

"Brian - I just wanted to say thank you for coming out to
Chambersburg this past weekend! You planted so many seeds in my head that have already begun to grow. I can't wait for next weekend just so I can keep trying all the things that you have taught us. Your passion for the sport is clearly evident in the way that you teach the class. Up until now, my main concern was group flying and not landing on my ass. You opened my eyes for me and let me see that there is so much more than just trying to stand up the landing. Skydiving for me feels brand new again and I love that feeling! Again, thank you. I totally dug your class and can't wait to apply everything I learned!"
-Dave Fulk

"Thank you for exposing us to an entire new world, a world both challenging, and rewarding. You have given us the pieces to a puzzle, and the path with which to unite them. I advise those who wish to remain canopy passengers to never take your course. One cannot walk away on that last day, and not have a deep desire to become a canopy pilot."
-Robert Kelley 

"Brian - your seminar here was *outstanding*, keeping twenty skydivers spellbound as they awakened to understand "why" things happen, "how" it works, "when" the time is right to swoop, and "where its all at". With a couple of days in the classroom, our competition swoopers are saying "...if only I'd seen this when I had 50 jumps!", and our intermediate jumpers are much better equipped to stretch their skills - safely - to new levels. We look forward to having you back again!"
-Tim Bates, State Coach, Victorian Parachute Council (Australian Parachute Federation)

"I wanted to thank you for the invaluable information given to us in your course. Your enthusiasm, course material and presentation were all top notch. Skydivers of all levels should take this course.
It was a jaw dropping, eye opening experience!!! Thank you."
-Efren Palacios, Austin American-Statesman

“Many thanks for making the journey to Hollister and teaching us a thing or two about piloting. 'Deeply inspiring and immensely valuable. When I sit through 9 hours of class time and feel ready to immediately sit through another 9 I know I've seen something special.”
-Whit Bissell - San Francisco, California

“It didn't take me a very long time, to decide that I wanted to thank you for your contribution. I only began this wonderful sport of skydiving a little over one year ago. Like other things in life, it is what you make it. Up until your seminar, I never considered flying and landing my canopy to be a greater part of the skydive. Mainly because I knew very little and felt that it was "unsafe" to experiment without guidance, even up high.
With these new tools, flying and landing promises much more and I feel encouraged to "get good at it". Swooping is no longer something I observe at a distance, but something I want to be able to do!
So, thank you! Your seminar has made a difference.
I loved all the technical information. I have achieved a higher understanding of the dynamics of a canopy, and I feel confident, that this will prove to be very valuable. Foremost though, I have developed a keen interest of learning more about it. I want to know all the things I know that I don't know, I don't know. ;o)
Your teaching methods work well and you manage to keep it interesting or everybody regardless of previous knowledge and experience level.
Also a big compliment to your personality. You motivate. I really enjoyed your storytelling and body language - It kept the educational facts interesting and fun.”
-Vibeke - Aversi, Denmark

“Even after one jump I noticed changes in the way I was doing things that have impacted not only my enjoyment of this great sport but how safe I feel doing it.”
-Dayle - Burnaby, Canada

“I was in your Hollister class (it was bad ass by the way). I've got to tell you, you made me think of things I never considered. First and foremost I've been practicing aborting HP landings more then landings (Up high that is) more then anything else. I also find that I'm using more harness input in everything I do whether they are toggle turns or riser it adds a dimension of control I didn't realize was possible.”
-Jason Cahill - California

“When people ask me how was the course? My response is.......It was great!!!!.......Brian just saved me the next 500 jumps at least trying to figure out how to get what I want out of my canopy! And some tricks to possibly save my life.”
-David Kirke - Burnaby, Canada

“Thank you again for coming out to San Marcos and giving us all so much to work towards. Your class was far beyond what any of us expected - and I am now sad for those that decided they had to cancel because it was most certainly their loss.”
Mark Deverter - Austin, Texas

"...thank you for coming to our little DZ and sharing your knowledge with us. Your energy is infectuous and you have a wonderful spirit. You're some kind of a skydiving boddhisatva.

You are clearly one of the moving forces in our sport. Your accomplishments and skydiving resume alone pretty well establish that. And so the information you shared with us was welcome and valuable for that reason alone. But what I was speaking to mostly were qualities in you that I (well, actually there seemed to be somewhat of a consensus generally about this sense among others in the class who I spoke with over the course of the weekend) perceived which recharged my pride and enthusiasm (if the latter really needs to be recharged) in being a skydiver and in my hope and optimism for the future of skydiving.

I've participated in my share of skydiving courses and you and your class stand out in a number of ways. I appreciated your holistic approach to skydiving generally. I was moved by how the spiritual foundation that obviously underlies your life is manifested in the information you disseminate to your students. And I was impressed by the gentle and encouraging way that you impart feedback and information in general to your students."
-Chip Waldron - Austin, Texas
(OK, this last one is a little over the top, but thanks for blowing a little sunshine up my ass, Chip!)

"I am really excited about this new learning opportunity you have presented. That was without a doubt one of the best, most enjoyable educational experiences I have had."
-Kevin Hawkins - Austin, Texas

"I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a great course. The material you've put together was very well structured and presented in a logical order, that was easy to understand and follow. I especially liked the topic about the psychology of the sport - in my opinion, it's a great way to open up the minds of those who hesitate to try something new. This was the "first" (yeah, yeah) formal canopy class that I've ever taken, and have already started practicing the techniques that I've learned in your class. I'm going to advocate your book and the course to my students."
-Ilya Kats - Austin, Texas