Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I used PayPal Express Checkout and I thought the order was placed but its looks like it failed. How can I place my order?

Answer: When using Paypal Express Checkout you will be directed to PayPal to log in then back to our website to place the order. To place your order you must scroll down then click on the Place Order button on our website after logging on and being redirected from Paypal.

Question: I purchased a video and got a link to a pdf certificate but now what? I can’t figure out how to view or download my video.

Answer: In order to access the view/download video page you have to download the pdf certificate which has a link and password to access the videos. It one extra step and we apologize for that but once you try it out it should work fine. Remember to copy and paste that password and link as there are some tricky characters in there sometimes.

Question: I bought a video a while back and never had the time to download and video or certificate. The link has now expired what can I do?

Answer: After purchasing the video you are sent an email with a link that will expire after a certain amount of time. If this happens to you please go ahead and sent us a note through the contact form or respond to the email with the expired link and we will be happy to help.

Question: I’m trying to download the video I purchased to my ipad but I can’t seem to make it work?

Answer: Unfortunately the ipad does not support the programming language used to generate the download drop down menu on our video pages. You can still steam no problem but if you want to download onto an ipad for off line viewing you can connect using a desktop/laptop (mac or PC) then download the file and transfer to your ipad via USB cable link (the standard power cable is a usb cable if you unplug it from the transformer).

Question: Are the videos available in DVDs?

Answer: Most of our training videos are available via Streaming and/or Download only. Check the video description to confirm the available format. Saying no to DVDs reduces the delivery cost to you the consumer and reduces the carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

Question: My question is not here now what should I do?

Answer: Please feel free to contact us with any other questions using our contact form. We are happy to help.