Canopy Courses

People get hurt under perfectly good canopies all the time. Are you next?

We all know that taking a canopy course is an important part of learning how to control a canopy and perform soft landings. It’s not enough to rely on the basic canopy control you learn when you first get licensed. There is so much more you need to know in order to become a safe and proficient pilot that can handle any and all unpredictable situations. You might be fine on a light wind day when the spot is perfect but what happens if it’s a no wind day and you have to land off in some one’s back yard? Do you know enough to handle every situation?

The truth is no one knows enough. As a skydiver there is always more to learn. Unfortunately it's not always easy to find good instruction that is convenient and priced right. Luckily now you can download video training from one of the world’s top canopy flight instructors, Brian Germain, and watch it wherever and whenever you like. Brian has been teaching longer than many skydivers have been alive and there is a good reason he is still in business. He is an exceptional instructor that explains concepts in ways that make it easy for everyone to understand. Brian covers topics thoroughly and in a progressive manner that builds on each new skill and concept. Many people take Brian’s canopy courses year after year and walk away saying he is the best and yet again they learned something new.

Brian Germain Canopy Courses Video

Some might ask why watch a video when you can take a live in person course where you can actually fly your canopy? Well when you become a licensed airplane pilot its required to do some ground school because as Brian likes to say “the sky makes a terrible class room”. Why not make the most of your weekday by watching training videos when you would have otherwise been staring at your computer and daydream about skydiving anyway. That way when the weekend comes along you have new tricks under your belt to test up high and master down the road. With Brian Germain’s canopy course and other skydiving instructional videos you can start learning canopy control and becoming a safer and more skilled pilot today.

You don't have to be next...

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