Skydiving Jump Suit


At Adventure Wisdom LLC we are proud to wear suits made by Ouragan a provider of jump suits that are stylish, distinct, custom fitting and over flowing with cool factor.


Skydiving Helmet


We love our new G3 skydiving helmets made by Cookie Composites. The full-face opening and closing action is fantastic and it has great head coverage and unbelievable visibility. Its light weight but strong. It is definitely a winner in our book.



Skydiving Audibles and Altimeters


The data we get in the sky needs to be accurate and with Larsen & Brusgaard we are in good hands. Between the Protrack, Optima, Viso and Altitrack we are well equipped and completely altitude aware during freefall and under canopy. Nothing is better than a Larson & Brusgaard product and their service is second to none.



Skydiving Simulators


At Adventure Wisdom we love to practice our skills and learn as much as we can. Flying in SkyVenture Colorado affords us the ability to do both while working with some of the best staff in the industry.


Skydiving Wingsuits


We love the spectacular performance, innovation and safety of our Phoenix Fly wingsuits. Phoenix-Fly designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art high performance wingsuits for skydiving and BASE-jumping. Founder Robert Pecnik has designed suits that are revolutionary in the field of safety. With a quick release system for the wings and a high standard of quality control, Phoenix fly produces top quality wingsuits that are tailored for each customer. We look forward to some amazing footage wearing our Phoenix fly suits from the people who are truly human flight innovators.


Skydiving Parachutes and Rigs


We love to fly our Aerodyne gear. Between the Icon container system, Sensei main parachute, Smart reserve and Pilot main for wing suiting, we get a lot of time in the air using this awesome skydiving equipment. Aerodyne has excellent quality control and their equipment exceeds in performance. Fly Aerodyne and it will keep you happy and in the air.

Skydiving Automatic Activation Device


We don't fly unless it's on! We adore our Airtec Cypres AADs! With a Cypres in our rigs we can jump with confidence knowing Airtec has our back. The best in the market, Cypres is the standard for AADs and we are proud to have their support.

Action Video Cameras

We love the stellar footage we get on our Gopro cameras. Finally a camera that can go almost anywhere we want to go.


Photo Credits


We are grateful and send out a thanks to all of our friends who have shared their wonderful photography with us through the years. With out your efforts we would not have so many wonderful photos to share with the world. Thanks for the jumps, adventures and fun. Special thanks to the following: