About Us

The Company

Adventure Wisdom LLC is dedicated to bringing knowledge and wisdom to the adventure enthusiast and anyone who is looking to push their limits and grow as a person. We believe that the knowledge and lessons learned in the field, on the mountain, up in the sky, down a river or any other place adventure takes you, can transfer over to everyday life. The patience, emotional intelligence, self control, discipline, leadership, creativity, self confidence, expanded horizons, personal exploration, growth, relaxation, enjoyment, pleasure and happiness, gained from adventure can help make you a better you. All these things are tools in your belt to take on the worlds challenges, whether its a crying baby or a crying boss, we hope that by pushing the limits of you, everyone will win. At Adventure Wisdom LLC we provide training for specific sports as well as general wisdom for adventure and life. We hope this website and our products will provide a place for people to share and grow together.


The Founder

Adventure enthusiast Laura Kraus founded Adventure Wisdom LLC in 2011. Laura is passionate about adventure and has extensive knowledge and experience in many fields. She has 14 years of IT experience, is a fully trained cave and tri-mix scuba diver, a licensed pilot, world record skydiver, kayaker, climber, hiker, in-line and ice skater, gardener, lover of animals and nature, and mother of two amazing boys. Having shed a corporate hat she choose to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and loves every minute of the adventure. Her hope is that everyone enjoys this site and finds useful bits of wisdom that increase their safety, knowledge and fun factor in their next adventure.


Personal Mission

I am on a mission to make exceptional training accessible to everyone. Years ago I sprained my ankle jumping and I tried to take a canopy course but there were no classes near where I lived. I made almost a thousand jumps before I finally took a course and it was mind blowing. I had no idea how little I had known before and why I occasionally pounded in my landings. I was lucky and never took a hit big enough to knock me out of the sport. Not every one is so lucky. No one should be with out proper training. Using my technical know how and leveraging exceptional teachers I am trying to promote safety throughout the sport of parachuting and other adventure sports. Some of the most amazing people I have met were through adventure sports. I love my extended adventure family and if accessible training can help keep them in the air and in the sport, then mission accomplished.


Laura Kraus on top of Mountain


Adventure Wisdom Volunteers

Adventure Wisdom has teamed up with BigAirSportz to volunteer at the National Air and Space Museum. For these events we setup a booth with video, skydiving demonstration gear, educational material and parachutes. We spend most of the day demonstrating parachute packing and discussing how and why the gear works the way it does. The events are mostly geared towards children and our efforts expose kids and their parents to the sport of skydiving. Our hope is to start building the future of skydiving, today. If you are interested in more information on these events or would like to contribute old gear, please let us know.

Other Websites


We have been working on expanding our reach to potentially new skydivers so they can also benefit from exceptional training delivered to their desktop. Check some other great websites Firstskydive.info, laurakraus.com, Thankfultea.com, Symphonyofsurprise.com and Liftoffpress.com.